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Ultimate Valentine's Hamper

These seriously luxurious pieces have been crafted from the finest marble in the world - Cararra marble - quarried from the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana in the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany, Italy. 

Carrara marble was beloved throughout the Ancient Roman Empire and used extensively in sculpture during the Renaissance period and 16th and 17th centuries. Indeed, many of the world’s most iconic buildings and statues have been made from this beautiful and precious material. 

Fall in love this Valentine's Day with our latest collection, inspired by history's greatest love story: Romeo & Juliet.  

The star-crossed lovers have been immortalised as two separate fragrances - Montague and Capuletdesigned to burn simultaneously using a perfect symmetry of complimenting scents.

Capulet - Capulet is a wonderfully feminine fragrance which opens with notes of rich, Italian Caparroso Rose. Middle notes of floral Bougainvillea in bloom give way to the scent of Deadly Nightshade - adding a touch of the je ne sais quoi to this hypnotic fragrance.

Montague - Romeo’s Montague fragrance is an alluring bouquet of smells synonymous with the Veneto region of Italy in which the tragic tale is set. The aroma of rich, Italian truffle oil and wild herbs, give the fragrance a clean and masculine opening, whilst notes of Italian leather have been added to give a mysterious finish to the fragrance, totally befitting of our hero.

As with all Owen Drew candles, we only ever use 100% natural vegan soy wax and the finest fragrances which are vegan friendly and cruelty free.
Candle comes gift boxed.

Weight: 2.4kg